News Real Estate Topics

  1. Intent to Purchase Real Estate by State

    Start a Intent to Purchase Real Estate in your area by clicking on your state. After you have made your selection, fill out some basic information for your Intent to Purchase Real Estate.

  2. Quitclaim Deed Overview

    Any agreement to transfer real estate must be in writing. A quitclaim deed transfers property from one person to another without any guarantees or warranties about the property. Quitclaim deeds are most often used in divorce cases, to clear up title problems and for delinquent property tax sales.

  3. Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial real estate deals can be fast and simple or drawn out and complex. Here are some of the contingencies you'll need to consider before you seal the deal.

  4. Deducting Moving Expenses

    You may be able to deduct your moving expenses if you moved due to a change in your job or business. If you qualify, you may deduct moving expenses whether you itemize deductions or not. Your move must be closely related to the start of your work and you must satisfy a distance and a time test.